Mr. Looper, give back the money
Putnam Pit editor
COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- When Byron [Low Tax] Looper rode into office two years ago on voter disgust with former Putnam County Assessor of Property Billy Rippetoe, he scared the hell out of the Democrats who have been lying and cheating taxpayers forever in Putnam County.

It is difficult to imagine anyone making a thief like Lewis [No Shame] Coomer look good, but after two years in office, Looper has done just that. Whatever the shortcomings of Criminal Court Clerk Lewis Coomer, you can usually find him at the Justice Center being rude to someone, trying to get a reporter to out to the parking lot for a fist fight or eating in the back of his office.

So, when Looper told me recently he was going to Washington I thought I'd go to his County Court House office to see what his staff said about yet another of his frequent absences.

"He's in a conference," one of his gorgeous office helpers lied on taxpayer time.

I said, "I'll wait."

I sat a few minutes on my own time and Miss Putnam County came back to say that he must have just stepped out to lunch.

"Gee, I'm not sure if he was in today," blurted another liar on the public payroll.

Looper, who is simultaneously running for Congress, state legislature and sheriff while not working at his present elected position, has one big misconception: that public office is a lottery that pays you for nothing more than getting the most votes.

Well, it is not so.

It is a public trust. People who voted for Looper hoped he would be fair and improve service. They did not have an extra $51,000 lying around and decide to give it away to the person getting the most votes, and another $40,000 or $50,000 for a harem of beautiful women to lie about where the winner is.

Byron Looper,  if you had any soul you'd be ashamed. Give the voters their money back.

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