The Serbia-Cookeville Connection
Half a world apart but the story's the same . . . 

Officials violate every law they
can until they're forced out
Croatian Mothers Appeal   Click here to visit Mario's Cyberspace Station  or see what The New York Times' 'CyberTimes' said about Mario's Cyberspace Station: 

Top 3 War Criminals Wanted "Here is a Web site about war and peace, the Russian  mafia and the Peruvian guerrilla movement, money laundering and paramilitary groups, unclassified information and covert actions, germ warfare and ethnic cleansing, terrorism and mind control, electromagnetic emanations and the ebola virus, plutonium smuggling and computer espionage, the Japanese Yakuza and spy satellites, counterintelligence and chemical weapons, white collar crime and drug traffic, mobsters and public health. 

"Yes, the world is a sick place and Mario Profaca is its webmaster." 
NYT Cybertimes 12/17/97 

Read what The New York Times' CyberTimes said about The Putnam Pit: 

  " 'The local governing body was in a state of panic because for the first time they were being questioned about the way they governed,' said Michael Hodges,  a long-time resident of Putnam County, who volunteered to help [Pit publisher Geoff] Davidian get the Pit on the Web. He calls it Southern 'good ol' boy politics.' 

"Larry Lorenz, a professor of communications at Loyola University in New Orleans and a friend of Davidian, calls the Pit 'advocacy journalism of a kind we don't see any more in this country. He's a man who has fire in the belly.' " 
NYT Cybertimes 12/18/97