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'It's not our fault, or theirs either! No one is to blame for anything. We'll have a study, yeah, that's it. A consultant's report from the same consultant who we've listened to for the past decade, except this time we'll get another consultant to look over what our old consultant did. That's it! We'll duplicate! But we'll get it right this time,' officials more or less suggest although they are only volunteers, are doing us a favor and did not make the sewage decisions before the one they promise will be right this time.

Hundreds of Shorewood residents turned out Monday, Aug. 16, 2010 for the last of four 'informational' meetings on the July floods.

So many people showed up many had to stand in the entry area outside the meeting and peer through the doors


2010 ShorewoodVillage.Commie

Which Milwaukee County judges ignore ethics rules and hear  cases in which they have an interest?


Does a state system that uses lawyers to punish bad lawyers actually work? Or does it just protect the profession?


Consumer news



Republic of Georgia, homeland of Josef V. Stalin, now adores George W. Bush

Photos by Allen Fredrickson

If you liked Stalin, you'll love the . . .

Georgia Palace Hotel

Medical waste, lice rinse, cold water nearby and more!


Allen Fredrickson is nothing if not obsessed with photography and the perfection of digital images. This month, he traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia with Putnam Pit publisher Geoff Davidian, who is nothing if not critical of everything. Here is the low-hanging fruit of the start of that trip, with the occasionally sarcastic captions. More photos

Exclusive Putnam Pit Video -- Dinner in Tbilisi, where Al Fredrickson peeped in through windows in the capital of the war-torn (not really, but purportedly) Georgian Republic Click here

Photographer Al Fredrickson surfs the Black Sea with a leaky air mattress outside the Georgia Palace Hotel in Kobuleti, a self-proclaimed "five-star" conference and hotel facility located conveniently along the route used to transport sex slaves from Armenia to Russia. The joint is managed by "Italians" and the tattooed marketing director says she is married to a U.S. diplomat stationed in the victims' national capital, Yerevan.



A Shorewood Halloween 2007  photo album

Chase Banks' Cry:

 'Give Us Your Cash!'

 How to train your banker

Chase Bank asks small claims court to protect employees from testifying about stealing money from depositors; spends thousands on lawyers over policy of charging $150 overdraft fees when money is on deposit 

2006 MilwaukeePress.net

 MILWAUKEE, Wis. (August 27, 2006) Poor JPMorgan Chase Bank! The out-of-state banking big shot bought BankOne, and now they have to pay for it. So they've been charging local customers "Insufficient Funds" fees, even when there is money in the account to cover outstanding checks and debit-card purchases. I woke up one day recently to find a whopping $150 hole in my bottom line, thanks to a service fee for "Insufficient Funds" on about $300 worth of purchases when there was more than $1,000 in my checking account.

So I went down to East Wisconsin Avenue and North Water Street to ask the manager to go over my account and tell me where I failed to cover a purchase.

"I don't have to tell you," Jeff Childs said. "Read the customer agreement. That's how we do

 business." MORE

I'm full of pork fat, immigrant!

People who wonder why Germans didn't do anything while Hitler killed the Jews might look at their own 'Progressive' mindsets as George W. Bush destroys the world under their noses and they can't believe it.

NEW & EXCLUSIVE: UW Provost Patrick Farrell's correspondence regarding controversial lecturer and 9/11 skeptic Kevin Barrett

Concerns over safety of Taser stun guns [Australia]

New concerns about the safety of Taser stun guns used by Victoria Police have been raised by the case of an Adelaide man hit in the eye by one of the weapon's fishhook-like darts.

Surgeons from Adelaide's Queen Elizabeth Hospital saved the 50-year-old man's eye after operating to remove the barb.

Details of the case, the first documented example of a Taser dart entering a victim's eye, have been published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology. More


How out of touch is 'Progressive' Shorewood?
Does this ad make you want to visit Shorewood? To get drunk with people in suits?
THIS is what's going on in our name

Now, turning to what they are doing to us locally . . .

Great news for civil rights attorneys 

Police face dilemmas over Taser abuse
Deaths, misuse taint record of 'less than lethal' shock weapon

Mentally ill Mukwonago man dies after
being stunned six times in Waukesha County

Shorewood Chief Banaszynski

"You must consider the lives saved as well as the problems," says Police Chief David M. Banaszynski of Shorewood, where police have used the Taser primarily on the mentally ill. No one was ever killed by the Taser, he maintains. But many recipients have died after receiving the Taser's charge.  

From J/S online: A Taser was deployed "multiple times" prior to the death of Nickolos Cyrus, Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher said Tuesday, but how many times the Taser contacted Cyrus' body is unclear. "We know it was more than two," Bucher said. Data on how the weapon was used can be downloaded from the device used to incapacitate combative individuals. But investigators have yet to contact the manufacturer, and more interviews with officers are needed, Bucher added.

Village Hall morale hits bottom
Employees' children can't even break into the library anymore

'Snoop' rummaged through mail box in manager's office when no one was minding the store, Swartz charges after being directed to improve morale and customer service in village hall

Who will be the first to offer them big raises to brighten their days?
Will they have to come to work to collect it? How about direct deposit?

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (July 14, 2006) -- Municipal employees, apparently dissatisfied with their pay, insurance benefits, vacation and holiday packages, are getting another perk -- morale counseling. A memorandum circulating in Village Hall Friday suggests that before the month is over employees will have half-hour, confidential sessions with a professional morale booster.

The sole government employee working last Friday afternoon in the village manager's office refused to provide a copy of the document. She instead demanded as a condition of its review the completion of a voluntary form.

The form is intended to facilitate public access to records, but upon its completion the only village employee working Friday afternoon in the village manager's office ignored the request and withheld the memorandum anyway.

Maybe they should slow down?

Requires Flash 7

No attempt has been made to correct this undemocratic atrocity. However, other records have been released. Village Manager Chris Swartz, who continues to draw a monthly mileage payment, had apparently driven off.

Village blocks inspection of  Hanewall firm's proposal

SHOREWOOD. Wis. (July 14, 2006) -- An assistant to Village Manager Chris Swartz blocked inspection of six proposals to study Shorewood's aging police and public works buildings although they had been requested under the state public records act, were gathered as a response to the request to inspect them and fall under the statute's authority. The documents included the repudiated, overpriced proposal by Engberg Anderson, the firm that employs Trustee Jeff Hanewall-Pepper. To read some of the email Hanewall-Pepper writes from work that has nothing to do with his employment, click here.

Preliminary research suggests that village board ignored resumes, backgrounds of applicants before overwhelmingly appointing the least qualified candidate to fill Guy Johnson's unexpired term

Hanewall, Hickey ignore request for Anderson selection records

    SHOREWOOD, Wis. (July 14, 2006) -- Shorewood trustees Jeff Hanewall and Margaret W. Hickey are well past the statutory deadline for responding to requests to inspect their records relating to how Dawn Anderson, a woman with fewer skills than connections, was handed the village board seat that opened when Guy Johnson ascended to village president. By law, public officials must respond to requests. Village Manager Chris Swartz has been acting as front man for the scofflaws, attempting to buffer them from the law by maintaining that he is gathering the materials to "facilitate" production.
    Essentially all information in the hands of the agencies and officers is subject to inspection. Section 19.21 of the Open Records law describes the reach of a public official's custody of public records as follows:

Each and every officer of the state, or of any . . . municipality or district, is the legal custodian of and shall safely keep and preserve all property and things . . . which are in the lawful possession or control of the officer . . . or to the possession or control of which the officer . . . may be lawfully entitled, as such officer[].

    Wis. Stat. 19.21(1). An officer's custody of records is not limited to records the officer is required by law to maintain, but extends to all records the officer actually maintains in his official capacity. Hathaway v. Green Bay Joint School District No. 1, 116 Wis. 2d 388, 393-94, 342 N.W.2d 682, 685 (1984). The records subject to inspection and copying under the law are defined as follows:

"Record" means any material on which written, drawn, printed, spoken, visual or electromagnetic information is recorded or preserved, . . . , which has been created or is being kept by an authority.