Incumbent pal of FORMER Village Prez Dow runs 4th in field of 5 candidates

Eckman ekes out spot on April ballot

Phinney, Krieger, Hanewell advance; Carr out

Feb. 17, 2004 primary election Results:


Michael Phinney

Pat Krieger 1,762
Jeffrey Hanewell 1,737
Ellen Eckman, Ph.D. (I)* 1,670
Carol Carr    789





Dow Syndrome I


SHOREWOOD, WI. (Feb. 18, 2004) -- After his firm got $61,000 from Shorewood during his final term, FORMER Village President Rodney Dow demands payment to inspect files documenting his wheeling-dealing with tax money -- LETTER

Dow Syndrome II


SHOREWOOD, WI. (Feb. 16, 2004) -- Rodney H. Dow, the FORMER village president who unsuccessfully insisted at Monday night's Village Board meeting that the two-minute citizen comment rules be waived for him because he had already prepared his lengthy remarks, became perturbed when he was allowed only to speak more than three times longer than everyone else. Managing nevertheless to continue speaking over the objections of the Village Board and the other residents in attendance, Dow departed a miserably deflated wretch only to return triumphantly moments later with his remarks Photocopied so he could transmit his terribly important statement to the Board. We have asked for the receipt pursuant to the state public records act to inspect the receipt showing he paid for the photocopies, pursuant to Village ordinances.


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