She’s gotten the Village sued;
she’s gotten her employer sued;
now Ellen Eckman wants to woo your vote  with painted cardboard

Looking for a sign on how not to vote?

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (March 17, 2004) – One thing Trustees have going for themselves at re-election time is a record they can stand on. No longer do they have to rely on yard signs, pie-in-the-sky promises or alliances to create an image upon which an informed voter can make a choice.

So, when Ellen Eckman’s yard signs disappeared shortly after the Feb. 17 primary election, I wondered what was going on. To me, there was no doubt that if anyone unauthorized had buzzed around the village and torn the painted cardboard from yards untimely both Eckman and FORMER Village President Rodney Dow would have done some lengthy and embarrassing antic at a Village Board meeting like they did Feb. 16

But if the cardboard darlings weren’t stolen, then Trustee Eckman must have some sign scheme up her political sleeve; some sleight of arm, as it were, to advance her candidacy by calculation of sign placement timing. Or perhaps she is so cheap that she wants to preserve each and every one of her precious cardboard darlings because the pay for an ASSISTANT professor at Marquette University does not afford her the luxury of exposing them to the ravages of weather.

On the other hand, perhaps she wants them all to spring up in Village yards overnight just before the election, like little surprise nuggets in a litter box. “Look,” people would point with astonishment in Eckman's giddy secret fantasy, “that savvy Eckman woman’s yard signs came out overnight. I will vote for her based solely on the visual yard sign phenomenon. She must be good, competent, independent, thoughtful, kind and full of the cooperative spirit.”

Of course, there are a lot of uninformed voters in Shorewood, like elsewhere. Look at all the people who voted for Vida "I Was Out of Town, Ed, What Did the (yawn) Packet Say?" Langenkamp -- they will need some dead weight to cast their ballot for now that "How Much Will That RFP Cost?" Langenkamp is going to political pasture.

I can’t even guess how many times I have voted for a judge or County official or candidate for secretary of state or other office about which and whom I knew nothing. Staring at a choice between two candidates, I may have gone for position on the ballot or sound of the name in the absence of knowledge about the person’s credentials. After all, we are told we MUST vote or we can’t complain.

But to use that marginal advantage of sign timing and placement as a strategy to woo the ignorant voter is among the most petty, scheming and pathetic tactics I have ever experienced after 25 years as a reporter covering not only Shorewood but Congress, the president and war. This is what a PhD comes up with? 

“Let’s trick the voters,” Eckman and her puppet master must be thinking. “Let me seek an advantage unrelated to my performance because I may not be able to win only on my pathetic record.”

And this, although “hurtful” to Trustee Eckman, is why she needs such ploys; because she would use them.

No thinking person who has experienced Trustee Eckman’s behavior would need a yard sign to suggest the right candidate.

Please, don’t volunteer your services here, Ellen baby. Go preach your gender science to other short haired, pantaloon wearing wannabee women leaders. We have enough problems without your signage angst.