Subject:  eckman public forum article
From:  "Denise Scherer" <>
Date:  Fri, Feb 13, 2004 7:26 pm

I am so delighted with this website, I love that I am not the only village resident who tells it like it IS.
Ellen EckmanI would like to point out that I hope I was not the only resident in attendance at the meeting where Ms. Eckman announced that she "was going to stand to address Mr. Kohlenberg, so that people in the back could see her because she is short". Well first of all she has always been short, second she has had something to say at every village meeting and NEVER felt the need to stand so people could see her before.

Thirdly to me it was clearly a public announcement of her re-election intent, and finally anyone knows that when you STAND to speak to someone directly who is sitting, its nothing more than a POWER play. Get over yourself ELLEN.

Thanks again for the guts to stand up!!



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