In the name of Ďequity,í letís give Ellen more than sheís entitled
(Come on, guys. Itís Ellen. Come on.)

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (May 19, 2004) -- In a hideous repudiation of intelligent governance, Trustee Ellen Eckman Ė the person who violated campaign laws by failing to name her treasurer on signs, who violated state and village law by attaching flapping plastic to her already illegal signs, and who has shown no inclination publicly to correct the false information in a handbook for trustees created by her ad hoc committee whose illegal meeting prompted the Journal Sentinel to give an editorial lecture on the Open Meetings Law Ė wants a more important role in Village committees.

Eckman, who in April won re-election to a second three-year term after former Village President Rodney Dow and his civil but bitterly malicious gang of rich political purported do-gooders and their machine thrust her into the race despite her terrible record and the shame their actions have cast over the entire Village, wants ďequity.Ē
Yes, she wants all the other trustees to have their committees changed so that the assignments will be fairer Ė that is, she wants to be part of a more important committee that, you know, spends the money or appoints people to committees.

OK'd by EllenIn a Village Board where some trustees donít want to be a rubber stamp, Eckman sees the rubber stamp as icon of status and power and SHE WANTS TO HOLD IT. Maybe she wants to stamp "OK" all over herself in bright red because she is becoming hoarse from telling everyone orally so frequently.

Never mind that she is without consequence or capacity to perform well; that she cannot follow simple election law; that she canít follow through on a project; that she cannot understand that trustees should be assigned committees on merit or ability to perform well and not on the number of votes obtained by use of illegal campaign tactics.

Of course, Eckman, the only educator running and the only one who couldnít learn to run legally, has never apologized for her illegal acts Ė she won, and she can be as arrogant as she wants until she goes out campaigning again and asks people to vote for her because ďthere is still work to be done.Ē Of course, she will not likely mention that it is partially BECAUSE OF HER that the work remains unfinished, and that is because she WANTS THERE TO BE A RUBBER STAMP in addition to her wanting to hold it herself. Forget all that practical stuff. She WON. So she wants MORE. Never mind she canít do what she already is assigned to do. Never mind that she doesnít even yet understand that she has not finished the handbook. She doesnít have the time to finish the handbook because SHE IS TOO BUSY COMPLAINING ABOUT NOT HAVING THE RUBBER STAMP. This pathetic turn of events is based upon the twisted need to have MORE! Yes, MORE, she wants MORE. MORE power. MORE prestige. MORE recognition, despite LESS performance. Despite LESS ability to follow through.

Oh, come on, itís Ellen. She put something in a time capsule at one of the schools a long time ago, remember? You know, good ole Ellen, she has been at the trough all these years so she should get special treatment and performance should not be a factor for Ellen, come on, not for Ellen you guys. Letís be equitable and give assignments to the dolts as well as the competent. Hey, sheís giving her $1,000 a year to the library, so letís reward her with whatever she wants, OK. Come on, itís Ellen, you guys. Come on. Itís Ellen, the Rich Gangís candidate. She should get MORE because all the rich people gave her money and so she EXPECTS TO GET MORE. And we donít want her to be disappointed and to think she is being held back because of her utter failure, do we? Come, itís Ellen, OK. The rules are different for Ellen, come on. OK?

She just wants more and she wants it now and it isnít fair the way that it is and historically it has been done a different way and ECKMAN WANTS A DIFFERENT COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENT and if she canít get it she will talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about it as long as it takes because there is no rhetorical argument that would persuade anyone with a sense of responsibility to give her more responsibility because she is marginally incompetent. Or maybe she doesnít take the work seriously and although she is a genuine genius she doesnít apply herself WHICH TO SOME PEOPLE IS WORSE YET.

There. Iíve said it. It is out there. Ellen Eckman is an example of a highly educated person who does not display much intelligence, as Scott Forbes would say. (Of course, Scott Forbes got his doctorate in education from Oxford [The one in England, Ellen, not the one in Mississippi]), not UWM.

The Village president would be committing misconduct in office if he allows Eckman to fondle the ceremonial rubber stamp. President Mark Kohlenberg should consider actual performance or likely success Ė not academic degrees from the fourth best school in the whole darned state, and not the shrillness of the whining Ė in making assignments. If criteria like competence and likelihood of success prevail, there will be intelligent equity. (But come on, itís Ellen, you guys. Letís give the assignments Ellen doesnít want to some lower trustee, OK guys? But which one, Ellen? Who should get the assignments that are not good enough for you? Oh, Come on, Ellen, Iím just kidding. Itís you, Good ole Ellen, and you put something in that time capsule, after all. And from this journalistís perspective, the MORE you get, the better the stories will be. (And donít worry. Iíll be right there with you, helping you along and making suggestions as to how to improve your performance. No one wants the public to know your abilities more than I do.)