Shorewood legal bills for village attorney services -- Crivello, Carlson & Mentkowski, S.C.




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nfettered access to Shorewood village attorney services means any miscreant with a phone can start the meter running, and YOU pay. Lawyers wanting to fix drunk driving tickets, village employees whose kids are arrested breaking into the library, trustees like Ellen Eckman sued over records destruction and former village presidents like Rodney Dow trying to profit by double dipping on records charges are among those listed in bills that cost taxpayers more than $360,000 in four years -- and the advice frequently is not even competent. See 'Some questions for the Village Board to Ponder'


SHOREWOOD, Wis. (May 5, 2004) -- Village Attorney Ray Pollen and his firm Crivello, Carlson & Mentkowski, S.C., billed  taxpayers $2,862 in February to defend himself, his firm and officials balking at records laws, in addition to monthly bills averaging $9,000 per month so far in 2004, up 39 % from 2003.

Monthly village attorney fees
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  • Average Village attorney bills up 39% so far in 2004

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