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ShorewoodVillage.commie archives: June 2, 2005



Welcome, comrade reader

'We make the rules, you pay the rubles'

Shorewood Library Board to sit in judgment of its Web links policy in June 13th appeal that will not recognize established law or civil procedures

The irony apparently is lost on those safeguarding its expression


Visioning statement

 You'd think a partner wouldn't do something like this . . .  

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (May 24, 2005) -- Police were on hand at the second meeting of the group put together by Shorewood Foundation President Harvey Kurtz to advise the foundation on how to spend what's left of the trust established by the late William Benjamin to benefit Village senior citizens. See draft spending policy

Kohlenberg --
'I'm not finished'

Shorewood president will run again in '06; says despite progress, there's more to do

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (May 24, 2005) -- Village President Mark Kohlenberg said Monday he will run for a second three-year term, facing at least one other resident in his bid for re-election.

Joe Mangiamele, a former UWM professor who is on the board of the Shorewood Foundation, also has announced his candidacy for the village's top elected position. Mangiamele is an advocate of long-range planning and champion of services and housing for the village's elderly residents.

Kohlenberg tells ShorewoodVillage.com that since former Village Manager Edward Madere resigned to take a job in Oregon, the municipality has made progress.

"But there's more to do," he said.

Kohlenberg recently stated his immediate agenda for the coming year, which included a ban on smoking in public, a measure popular with Kohlenberg's opponent in the 2003 village president election, and stricter traffic enforcement to make it safe for pedestrians.

Police Commission picks Banaszynski as new chief

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (May 24, 2005) -- David M. Banaszynski, a 23-year veteran Shorewood police officer, was chosen by the Police Commission to succeed Michael Meehan as chief of police.

"That's right, as of 8:15 last night,"  Banaszynski said today.

Police Chief David Banaszynski

He has been acting chief since Meehan was called to active duty by the U.S. Army last year. Meehan retired March 25 after 27 years on the force when his active duty was extended another year.

"My understanding is the Police Commission hires and fires, and the Village Board gives me the contract. So I guess I've got it."

During the ongoing "visioning" process, during which residents were asked what they liked most about Shorewood, one of the top answers has consistently been "safety." So Banaszynski comes in with a reserve of goodwill and appreciation for a department that has operated professionally and to the satisfaction of residents who participated in the planning sessions.

Just four years ago, the department was in shambles after Robert Surdyk, Meehan's predecessor, was forced out of the chief's job in a scandal, then compensated with months of pay in return for his "resignation."

Shorewood will lose more than it gains, however, since Banaszynski was everything from computer tech to chief bottle washer.

"The village couldn't run without him," former Trustee Paul Erickson once said.

Meanwhile  . . .