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Times are tough for property owners

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (May 28, 2004) -- To some members of the Village Board, "lifestyle" concerns are greater than the need for low taxes.

But to some residents and property owners, the lifestyles of their neighbors could cost them their homes.

The data provided here was obtained from the Village of Shorewood, but it is current only through those properties that were delinquent as of 2001.

Some properties may have be brought up to date; others may have become delinquent. Also, the ownership of some may have changed.

Without attesting to the veracity of Village public records, there is clearly a problem for some property owners. Here' they are not just parcel numbers but people's homes.

It makes you wonder how important flowers in Village planters are when someone's home may be foreclosed on.

Of course, if they are that poor, perhaps they should move out of Shorewood.

Delinquent property and their owners as of 2001:

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