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Bob 'Smut Boy' Terry and his humid drawers, er, humidors Cookeville Police Chief Bob Terry's rocky climb to the bottom
  • Porno email ring at Cookeville P.D. includes police chief

  • Rumor, documents link Gaw, Terry
  • COOKEVILLE, Tenn. , (Aug. 28, 1999) -- Former Police Chief Bill Benson undertook an investigation into a complaint that on March 24, 1998, Police Officer William Drossman, speaking to Tennessee Tech students, slandered businessman Mike Gaw.

    Gaw was widely reported to have been partially the target of a federal investigation involving, at least, General Sessions Court Clerk Lewis Coomer's files.

    But the official records do not show that Benson took any action whatsoever regarding the officer's concern that there were leaks within the department. In fact, there is no record at all that Police Officer Drossman asked for an investigation in two areas involving Chief Robert Terry.

    Booze for the chief, cash for the governor

    Everyone was covering for Mike Gaw, ex-Cookeville cop says

    It took the FBI to move in on ticket-fixing in PutnamCounty because Mike Gaw has sources and friends in law enforcement to ensure no local problems. But speeding may not have been the worst violation covered by political influence, Bill Drossman says

    Putnam Pit editor

    COOKEVILLE, Tenn. [June 16, 1999] -- While he headed the Drug Task Force, Cookeville Police Chief Bob Terry chatted with a known cocaine user, washed it down with free booze and called officers to see if friends were under narcotics investigations, an ex-cop says.

    Forfeitured property illegally used to pay drug cops

    June 19, 1998 -- District Attorney Bill Gibson's 13th Judicial District Drug Task Force has used asset forfeitures to indirectly supplement the salaries of its members, a practice that personally has benefitted drug agents empowered to seize and dispose of private property byauction, The Putnam Pit has found.

    In a letter to City Hall acquired by The Putnam Pit, Bob Terry, the director of the 13th Judicial District Drug Task Force, writes that funds received through asset forfeitures are used to reimburse the City of Cookeville for the overtime incurred by members of the task force.