Tips for advertising circulars trying to pass as news organizations:

Always check the math yourself.

In the story School budget gets rocky start with county budget officials, the Hair-Oiled Citroën writes:

"He said the analysis ranked the Putnam County school system as 30th out of 137 schools, which put Putnam County in the top 20%."

This analysis would put Putnam County schools in the top 21.8 %, not the top 20%. While the difference is not great as a percentage, the error in math is about 10 percent, which is a big mistake and the difference between "AVERAGE" and "BARELY PASSING" where some of us went to school.

Always check the source

In the same story, the Hair-Oiled Citroën writes:

"The results of that analysis are currently on the Internet at, Martin said."

Browsing to the site, one finds the Tennessee Institute for Public Policy giving its address as P.O. Box 23348, Nashville, TN 37202-3348. It also says: "The Tennessee Institute for Public Policy is a non-profit, non-partisan research and education organization, and recognized as a 501 (C)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Nothing contained on this Internet site should be construed as an effort to aid or hinder any legislation. All contributions are tax-deductible."

However, despite this disclaimer, the html coding of the page shows a political agenda for the group authoring it, which is not from Tennessee at all, but from Alabama: "<meta name="AUTHOR" content="Alabama Family Alliance">    <meta name="KEYWORDS" content="Alabama, Family, Alliance, Family, Pro-Family, Conservative, Legislation, Public, Policy, Birmingham, Citizen, Christian">    <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Mozilla/4.61 [en] (Win98; I) [Netscape]">    <meta name="Author" content="Tennessee Institute for Public Policy">    <meta name="KeyWords" content="tennessee family institute, tennessee institute for public policy,  family, institute, pro-family, conservative, legislation, public policy, nashville, citizen, christian">"

Why would anyone want to get Tennessee education statistics from an Alabama Christian source? Why not go to a Tennessee source, like here?

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