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'Going where no dog has gone before -- and without a leash'


Is this how you want your money used?
Tennessee Municipal League uses tax money to undermine honest government, civil rights
With the TML's Risk Management Pool's gracious defense of every civil rights-violating tyrant in public office in the state -- through the bottomless pocket of tax money --  we can increase tourism by bussing in juries from other towns and putting them up in local hotels, also at taxpayer expense.  And it's likely to continue because officials have absolutely no incentive to stop violating civil rights. Why should they? TML is there with your money . . . when they're not entertaining other states' municipal leagues at fancy Boston hotels.

'I'd be out on my ear in a minute if it weren't for TML's secret spending of tax money savin' my civil rights violatin' butt over and over again,' Shipley would say if he were truthful, which he isn't -- at least not in documents he's sworn he tells the truth in.
The Tennessee Municipal League and Rep. Jere Hargrove present:
A Society without Official Accountability
Let's talk double standard:
Elected officials rape children, then get their hand slapped in criminal matters; meanwhile, the Tennessee Municipal League supports limits on civil awards while supporting a law that would allow municipal courts to increase fines for minor code violations. Now, municipalities can further exploit municipal courts to generate revenue while using the cash to pay for the defense of civil rights violations they commit.
Look at the ramifications of these items:
Pickett Co. Sheriff gets 30 days in statutory rape of retarded teen-age girl;
$12 million lawsuit filed 

Charlie Logan and a friend of his, Peggy Dale of Overton County, were jailed to serve 30-day sentences for statutory rape of a teenaged girl last year. They were also named as defendants, along with Pickett County, in a $12 million lawsuit filed on behalf of the girl, who was 15 at the time of incident and who has just recently turned 17. H-C story

Civil Penalty Constitutional Amendment

With state Rep. Jere Hargrove in its hip pocket, the TML wants to limit civil awards victims of things like rape by a law enforcement officer in uniform might be entitled to. Linked to a TML-supported 10-fold increase in the fines city courts can impose, government officials can now rape at will then set up roadblocks to generate revenue to pay their damages through code violation enforcement. 

Who will pay the $12 million if the victim wins?
Secret slush fund to defend civil rights violators
How TML steals civil rights from citizens to protect guilty officials 
For subscribers only by email: Watson, Hollow & Reeves lied in court documents while defending Cookeville officials who sought to silence newspaper telling the truth about them.

Cities establish a whole new bureaucracy to subvert inspection of their records 
For subscribers only by email:

Why do  your taxes pay for these people to entertain and gush over each other?
From hospitality get-togethers in Boston hotels to newsletters that publish chat about themselves, the Tennessee Municipal League enjoys a lavish, tax-funded narcissism greater than what Cookeville Councilman Harold Jackson might experience when he views police videos of his drunk driving stops. But they are willing to go to court to keep you from looking at their books! For subscribers only by email

Knoxville Law firm's bills to state agency draw inquiries
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 14, 2000) -- Watson, Hollow & Reeves, a Knoxville law firm defending Cookeville and other municipalities accused of violating citizens' rights, is needlessly running up its bills to the Tennessee Municipal League's Risk Management Pool. STORY
Is time running out for TML big shots?
Tennessee Municipal League's assault on civil liberties
From taxes to annexation; censorship to seat belts: TML is on the wrong side
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 28, 2000) -- The Tennessee Municipal League, an organization that serves local governments and is funded with public money, refuses to make public how it spends that money.  Story

The Shipley Gang, in conjunction with 
TML's Risk Management Pool
and taxpayers across Tennessee present
A Federal civil rights tripleheader scheduled for Cookeville in 2001
Starring big shot Knoxville lawyers at the trough
    City government, officials faces millions in damages from complaints alleging repeated federal civil rights, employment violations 
    I guess we ran up quite a legal bill, huh? Shipley never had the guts to say.
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