Cookeville couple uses Internet in campaign against city, county abuses

'Today, I was arrested,' Betty Tommaso writes
in a scathing attack on the local political situation

Couple's cry for help makes disturbing yet familiar claims about local officials, police.
'Mr. Tommaso did not know true discrimination
until he moved to Cookeville, Tennessee, in August of 1986.'
Already disgraced by city and county scandals, the new stories of displeasure with the way government works is giving the nation another, troubling view of life in the region

In a posting on The Newspeak Forum, a message from Betty Tommaso states: "My husband [Lewis] and I would like to have someone from the news media who believes in the rights for citizens of the United States that were earned with the blood of those who fought for our freedoms.  We MUST HAVE ASAP someone who will protect our rights as American citizens.  WHO WILL DO THAT  Surely there is a voice out there in America that will come to our defense! We are awaiting a response to our request!"
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