Putnam Pit mailbag

From:   Geoffrey Davidian[SMTP:putnampit@linkonline.net]
Sent:   Tuesday, March 18, 1997 2:57 PM
To:     gfowler@ci.cookeville.tn.us
Subject:        Wagnon

Mr. Wagnon represented to the council, through Mr. Shipley, that the money he sought was 'reimbursement' for a legal fee. I am trying to put to rest suspicions that he did not pay that money. It would be very helpful if Mr. Shipley or you would make that receipt or canceled check

It might appear to some that Mr. Wagnon withdrew his request for reimbursement because he could not provide evidence that he had paid it.

I think it is appropriate to ask Mr. Shipley to provide the documentation because Mr. Shipley introduced the issue to the council on the basis of information he asked Mr. Wagnon to provide.

We have here a moment at which further suspicions will be put to rest once and for all if the document is simply made available.

Geoff Davidian
Putnam Pit editor.

        Tue, 18 Mar 1997 14:18:02 -0600
        Gail Fowler <gfowler@ci.cookeville.tn.us>
        'Geoffrey Davidian' <putnampit@linkonline.net>

Mr. Wagnon did not provide any documentation other than a copy of the invoice from Mr. Dickerson.  Had the Council approved the reimbursement, Mr. Wagnon would have had to provide the proper supporting documentation before the payment could have been consummated.  We do not have access to Mr. Wagnon's personal financial records.

Jim Shipley
City Manager