From the poster twins of political corruption and abuse of power,
Putnam County and Cookeville, Tenn.
The Putnam Pit presents . . .
Donut II -- The Uneaten One
Win your very own fabulous donut!

Yes, a donut! NOT a crust of pre-chewed bread like that advertising circular known as the 'H-C' would have you be content with.
Guess what's in c.d. 'Sonny Boy' norman's right hand and win a fabulous plain cake donut from The Putnam Pit.

Guess what color ink is in his ball-pont pen and win frosting on the donut.

[You must win the dount by correctly guessing  what is in Sonny Boy's right hand to be eligible to win the frosting by guessing the color ink in his pen. You cannot win just the frosting.]