It is all for nothing if there is no freedom.
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Michael Hodges, Peter Phillips, Norman Solomon
Mainstream Corporate Media Dismiss Democracy
By Peter Phillips, 
Director Project Censored

By ignoring critical social issues mainstream corporate media dismiss democratic values in the United States.

The New Progressive Movement and Media Diversity

Director, Project Censored

A handfull of alternative independent news sources remain as some of the few exceptions to the national-mega-news system.

This newspaper may be one of the few hundred independent news sources left in the country. It is a terrible tragedy and disservice to American democracy for our public to become the best entertained yet least informed citizenry in the world.
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Home Town Economics as If People Really Mattered

By Peter Phillips
Director, Project Censored

Contemporary economic development and growth efforts in most
communities often tend to make the regional areas poorer instead of better
off. Isn't development & growth  - betterment for all - you ask? Well,
sometimes not. There are always losers and winners in any economic
development effort. The developers, real estate interests and other related
businesses, known as the "Growth Machine," would like us to believe that
growth brings progress. However this is often not the case. [Feb. 5, 2000] Story

How free is a press that willingly disinforms?

Untold Stories of U.S./NATO's War and U.S. Media Complacency

By Peter Phillips
Director, Project Censored
The mainstream media in the United States were aware that the Pentagon and NATO were releasing biased and false information regarding the war in Kosovo yet they continued to pass it on to the American public as if it were gospel.

United States & Iraq: Sanctions and Hypocrisy
Special to The Putnam Pit

  • An army of workers and too few jobs --  Spread throughout the United States is an unemployed army of hidden human potential ranging from Ph.Ds to unskilled laborers. With the nation's official unemployment running at 4.5 percent as of June 1998 and the economy booming, how can this be?

  • If corporate media preached what they practice: Recent firings of journalists who worked on investigative stories about corporations and government institutions are cases of major media succumbing to pressures from powerful forces with an interest in censoring those stories.But what about the public's right to know? [ ] July 19, 1998
  • Major media coverage of Affirmative Action has done away with a general social acceptance of the necessity of maintaining equal employment opportunity for long term fairness in society.
  • The 60% of the population who are blue- and white-collar workers, surviving paycheck to paycheck, are alive and well. Yet they are confused by a media system that can’t or won’t explain why taxes keep increasing while the value of their paycheck has declined for 25 years, why health care costs are so high and why housing is unaffordable.

  • Peter Phillips is director of Project Censored
    Michael Hodges:
    What is it about The Putnam Pit that so agitates City Manager Jim Shipley, City Attorney T. Michael Omara and Mayor Jean Davis? Why is the knowledge that there is now a watchdog reporting on the activities of Cookeville government so frightening to them?

    [Michael Hodges is The Putnam Pits systems editor.]


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