It's your fault

'Code of silence' is dumb

Nothing will change unless you take a stand, former Cookeville police chief says


Over the past several months we have been overwhelmed with issues that have raised eyebrows and caused many to question who [in Cookeville] is in control. Yet many have remained inactive. How long will you have your lives controlled by a few? If they do control, it is only because you let them. When "bad" things happen, does it really affect everyone? We may say that, "as long as it does not affect me directly maybe I should just stay quiet about it, lest it damage my business opportunities."

Seems like a safe approach, right? But this is a democracy and you are responsible -- you, the average citizen. If one takes the time to look at other communities throughout this country where the people have a strong commitment to involvement, you will find they thrive; that they have sound businesses based on solid principles and long range commitment. Their government will mirror those same values, and if [the government] does stick up its ugly head, it is quickly suppressed by an ethical business and religious community. "Bad" things do happen, but what really counts is what is done about the "bad" things.

So is remaining silent about issues that do not directly affect you in your best interest? What about your children and what they will inherit? They deserve better than what we have; maybe it is time you took part.

Get involved in your community. Look further ahead than next week or the next deal.

[Former Police Chief Richard Holt was fired last year after he reported alleged political and departmental corruption to the city manager and FBI. He lives with his wife and family in Cookeville.]