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Misuse of public funds is a habit with Gibson

Putnam Pit: Lawyer X says Cookeville Lawyers, and reporters need to work for political accountability
political accountability, Bill Gibson, Lawyer X, exonomic crime fund, Child Lures.
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Editorial Just because you know politicians doesn't mean you should support them "I am a student at TTU in sociology (criminal justice) hoping to persue [sic] a career in law enforcement at some level and would like to work with the police to get...
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The Putnam Pit: c.d.'SONNY BOY' norman says, Hey, not so fast on that auction-then-pay-yourself stuff, heh?
forefeit, seizure, auction, Gibson, Drug Task Force, bob terry, Cookeville, Cookeville Police Department
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The Putnam Pit: Guerrilla Law columns by Lawyer X, our masked man inside the Putnam County Justice Center--
Guerrilla Law By LAWYER X Lilligate: Lillie Ann Sells' divorce and property transfers leave some unsettling questions unanswered, and voters deserve answers from someone running for the new criminal court judgeship. [April 24, 1998] He painted the..
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State takes a pass Reversal of car dealer Fabien Eldridge's conviction won't be appealed; but civil rights suit against prosecutors is on track NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Attorney General's Office won't appeal the reversal of Cookeville used.
84%   2070 bytes, 1997/12/21

The Putnam Pit: Both Democrats running for DA in Putnam County, TN., are named in federal civil rights cases pending
Both Democratic candidates for DA are named in federal civil rights suits; Can't the Republicans come up with an alternative? Where is Joe Edwards? Who will be the next top law enforcement officer in the 13th Judicial District? Will it be Billy Boy.
82%   4142 bytes, 1998/05/14

The Putnam Pit: Putnam County continues to pay Lewis Coomer's personal legal bills
Putnam County pays out $6,000 to defend Court Clerk Lewis Coomer's personal lawsuit. County Executive Doug McBroom squanders thousands more in legal fees in failed attempt to fight revealing the amount
81%   5963 bytes, 1998/07/16

 The Putnam Pit: Susan Richards and Geoff Davidian report that Court Clerk Lewis Coomer charged prisoners fees
Justice, Putnam County style TBI refuses to investigate unauthorized jailer's fee charges after deputy director talks with DA's office But state comptroller's county auditors are on the job this week By SUSAN RICHARDS and GEOFF DAVIDIAN of the...
79%   10443 bytes, 1997/12/19

The Putnam Pit: Cookeville Councilman Don Wagnon throws in the towel
Cookeville Councilman Don Wagnon, beats official misconduct charge, seeks tax money to pay legal bills, but finds no support.
78%   10679 bytes, 1998/06/12

The Putnam Pit: The Eldridge family, minus one member murdered four years ago and facing the loss of another to
Look out for the fallout Eldridge appeal becomes forum for lecture on local ethics Dershowitz, Buck ask Court of Criminal Appeals to order new trial for Cookeville used-car dealer By GEOFF DAVIDIAN Putnam Pit editor NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 14, 1997..
87%   16434 bytes, 1997/07/30

The Putnam Pit: Plaintiff Geoff Davidian's response to Interrogatories in Cookeville cookie case
Geoff Davidian's response to Interrogatories in Cookeville cookie case
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