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The Ministry of Information of 
Cookeville and Putnam County, Tennessee

The Putnam Pit
[No bull]

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    Meet Bob Terry

    'We can't have people going around freely,' Chief Terry might as well have said. 'How will I justify more money in my budget if I don't act like a big shot? Huh, tell me that! Sometimes you just have to ignore the law there's so much crime, like people with lapsed registration driving around our streets. And if this doesn't work, I'll just put everybody in jail so they can't break the law and then I'll be chief of the safest city in the hole wurld, and then I can go to their houzes and paint my name real big over their names.'

    First, he had the city give him the real expensive business cards; then, he painted his name real big all over everything; then, he forced out the babe who sent him dirty alpha-numeric messages over the police communications system and investigated the employee who discovered it; then he sent pornographic emails to DA Bill Gibson, other police and citizens. Do you feel safe with Chief Terry in charge? 

    Danger in Dream City
    Bob Terry proclaims Cookeville unsafe

    Police roadblocks will stop the ravaging affects of lapsed motor vehicle registration epidemic.

    Roaming bands of poorly mufflered cars, some with expired license plates driven by  serial alleged drunk drivers like like City Councilman Harold Jackson, give cops excuse to set up sobriety checkpoints, where they will monitor drivers with their own roaming band of forfeiture generation centers on wheels.

    "Frankly, we have found the numbers of arrests and citations we've made at these checkpoints amazing," Terry is quoted saying by the propaganda organ of the Upper Cumberland.