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From Cookeville, Tenn., home of Byron (Low Tax) Looper, unsolved murders, jail suicides and the No. 1 methamphetamine producing district of the whole darn state.  -- Bill Gibson, district attorney general.

Coming to a federal courthouse near you on Oct. 9, 2001 . . . 

Shipley gang on trial


[Mr. Shipley says who the press is! Really! Thomas Jefferson or one of them must have authorized it secretly, or else how could he? And he's spending YOUR money to prove it!] 
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Is City Manager Jimmy Shipley a nihilist?
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Has your lawyer been naughty?

Newest additions to the disciplined Tennessee lawyer list:



He did whatever he wanted.
The law didn't matter.
He hired big shot insurance lawyers.
He lied.
On October 9, 2001Cookeville City Manager Jim will face the jury, but he has nothing to lose. That's why this year his administration brought Litigationfest to Cookeville.

If you have insurance from the Tennessee Municipal League . . . 
Being a public official in Cookeville means never having to say you're sorry
he kept asking questions . . .   1997-2001 c.d. normanCity Manager Jim Shipley might just as well say: "All we did was retaliate against him for what he said about us. Was that so bad? Of course, we lied, and denied him free speech, then violated his child's rights and withheld information and tried to get his Internet provider to shut him down, but is that so bad? And we wouldn't let him circulate his opinions in City Hall and we refused to pay him for work he did, but is that so bad? And we made false statements in court pleadings and shoveled out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to cover it up and protect us from having to answer for what we did, but is that so bad? You know us. And we're from Cookeville. He's not. 

Cookeville City Manager Jim Shipley has a choice: say "I'm sorry" for violating civil rights in an upcoming federal trial, or have the Tennessee Municipal League pay even more legal fees to defend him -- and face liability of tens of thousands of your tax dollars when there's no money for Band-Aids in City Hall first aid kits. Guess what he'll do. At least the economy is in good shape and there's no problem with the utilities and there's plenty of revenue and we have a good police chief and the Herald-Citizen keeps folks informed and there aren't any unsolved murders and people aren't hanging themselves with their shoelaces in the jail. Click here to see what the US Court of Appeals says

And look at all the great publicity we got for the city! 

Putnam raises tax for school budget 

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. To the accompaniment of honking car horns from motorists circling the courthouse square, Putnam County commissioners on Sept. 4 approved a 10 cent property tax increase and proposed a $25 wheel tax to fund a gap in the school system's $45 million budget. The proposals drew only a lukewarm response from a standing-room-only crowd, primarily composed of teachers, parents and students who wanted the commissioners to pass a 26-cent property tax increase. Tennessean story

Letter to the editor
Education funding reinforces view that old money makes Cookeville stagnate

The 10 cent property tax increase and $25.00 wheel tax fund is in my opinion a tactic being used to once again insure the same circle of friends is again voted into office by the voting majority. If these people, who are so concerned about saving money now could see past their noses today they might understand why tomorrow their jobs, their children's jobs and academic scholarships are going to be given to an educated immigrant.

Cookeville is one of the few places on earth I've been which seems to put forth an actual effort to stay out of the new millennium. Every decision made here only insures the old money remains in power and the city and county continue to stagnate while the rest of the state moves forward. "Bud Leist"

How stupid do they think we are, anyway?
Tennessee Municipal League lawyers reject settlement even when citizens would benefit
G r a v y  T r a i n

CheckmarkCookeville, other towns create slush fund to pay civil rights defense lawyers
$105 million funneled to 'non-profit' pool to defend censorship, discrimination and other civil rights cases for Tennessee Municipal League members -- Click here

CheckmarkAgency that creates unaccountability shamefully displays state flag on web site while it shields itself from financial scrutiny. Click here

What a disgrace! 
Is nothing sacred? Next, they'll have a Jesus look-alike doing their commercials! Click here

Don't worry that school budgets, fuel costs and other expenditures are draining government coffers
There will always be enough money to defend official crimes because the very officials who commit them authorize the payment of their defense costs

Government buys insurance from itself to protect itself from itself

Your tax dollars at work -- if they're not stolen
TML Coverage for 'employee dishonesty' included in package

(When you do it, they'll call it theft and there is no insurance for that unless you know Bill Gibson)

"Coverage is provided for loss from employee theft of money, securities, or property. Coverage can be written with a per loss limit, a per employee limit, a per position limit, or on a combination basis with a blanket limit for all employees and an additional limit for other key employees."
 Click here

H-C describes expenditures in pennies: tells you to do the math
County budget skyrockets 20% 
Hardly any expenditures for justice, judging by the results

After a greedy reign of terror that left the constitution in tatters,
Cookeville's city attorney T. Michael O'Mara gets the hook


City Attorney O'Mara deserves the hook

See T. flee

The O'Mara legacy

Surf like a protected Cookeville government employee with too much free time 
Do you want to  be a big shot like the government employees working for the water and electric utilities at 
Jimmy Shipley's Municipal Playhouse?

 There's more to working for Cookeville than just illegally turning off people's utilities and annexing land as fast as possible to stop the municipal ship from sinking in debt.
 When you get as much time at work to waste as Cookeville government employees, you won't have to mindlessly click. Follow the trail left by mindless clickers on the computers in Jimmy Shipley's House of Mindless Clicking! 
Click here to download the .zipped official log files

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